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Vertical wrappers

Straddle Stretch Wrapping



The Newton range stems from the need to match the convenience of a mobile wrapping machine with the performance of a rotary arm. 
With three different configurations (FIX – HPJ – EPT), the Newton will allow you to cover all your wrapping requirements without compromise, wherever a pallet needs to be wrapped!

Series FIX


This is a stand- alone rotary arm wrapper which does not need to be fastened to the floor thanks to the “iron-wings” system option. This means that you can easily move the wrapping location whenever the need arises


Technical specifications:

Wrap performance  
Rorating arm width Suitable for max. size 1200x1200 mm
Max. pallet size 1200 x 800 mm
Max. load height 2000 mm
Max. cargo weight Limited by ground
Arm control Yes
Carriage control Yes
Elektromagnetic brake Yes
Pallet height detection Yes
Safety brake Yes
Memory pattern Yes - up to 6
Three working cycles Wrapping even from the start of the pallet
Parameters Top, bottom wrapping, film tension, cycle selection
Speed variations Arm speed, carriage speed
Series EPT
Weight and size  
Machine weight 290 kg
Dimensions 1846 Length x 590 Width x 2380 Height (mm)
Energetic requirements  
Energetic consumption 0,75/1Kw
Power supply 24V, or 230VAC 1 PH+N+PE VAC 3PH+N