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Vertical wrappers

Stretch Wrapping Ring Straddle



Today's stretch wrapping challenges have spawned an epidemic of fragile and demanding loads that are harder than ever to wrap. And yesterday's technology doesn't give you the tools to do the job. So we reinvented stretch wrapping. Our exclusive, patented LeanWrap features give you what you need to manage the performance of your loads and overcome today's stretch wrapping challenges. Stop breaking stretch film. Stop twisting loads. Stop loads from sliding off the pallets. Stop destructive film tails. Stop guessing if your loads are wrapped properly.Take control of your stretch wrapping. LeanWrap features on the RL automatic stretch wrapper let you manage the wrapping process better than ever.


Technical specifications:

Production speed 90-180 loads per hour
Maximum load size 1270 L x 1270 W x 2794 H (mm)
Minimum load size 914 L x 914 W x 610 H (mm)
Maximum load weight Conveyor capacity
Load Handling  
Rotation drive TEFEC AC Motor
Rotation speed 1-60 RPM controlled VFD
Film delivery system  
Pallet grip Standard
Film capacity 254 Diameter, 508 Width (mm)
Film cut and clamp Press & Seal
Film delivery system Metered film delivery
Controls/Electrical data  
Machine generated performance data Standard
HMI/Touchscreen Allen Bradley PanelView
Power 460 VAC/3/60 Hz
Control Allen Bradley PLC
Pneumatic & Shipping weight  
Air requirements 3-5 cfm at 60-80 Psi
Approximate shipping weight 3357 kg, machine only