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Vertical wrappers

Turntable Stretch Wrapping



Designed to go beyond the standard wrapping logic, EvoPac Dot allows you to easily perform an amazing shrink wrapping cycle rather than a quick hand wrapping shoot, everything just by using an industrial twin-footswitch and a multi-turns potentiometer to adjust the table’s rotation speed. Everything totally customizable on your request, for sure!
It’s a made-for-real-life tool we proudly offer to those who need something different at all!


Technical specifications:

Maximum wrapping height restricted to operator
Maximum load weight 1500kg
Load Handling  
Turntable height up to 30 mm
Turntable width 1650 mm - diameter
Performance features  
Carriage controller No carriage control
Auto film cut-off Manual
Turntable speed controller Yes
End cycle break Yes
Turntable cycle settings Yes
External on/off pad Yes
Weight and size  
Approximate shipping weight 250kg
Size 2374 L, 1500 W, 1070 H (mm)
Service requirements  
Energetic requirements 0,75/1Kw
Dedicated electric service required 230 VAC