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Vertical wrappers

Stretch Wrapping Turntable



Operation with QL-Automatic is money-saving and effective. Increase the speed of the turntable up to 15 rpm in standard package.  Modular electric top platen stabilizes tall, lightweight or unstable loads during the wrap cycle. Load seeking clamp eliminates the beginning film tail. Replaces the jam clamp with a vacuum clamp that pivots out to the load. The machine is capable of operation in a very cold environment, -1 C to -18 C (31+ to 0 F). Operate in a corrosive environment. It is for machines with exposure to agents such as salt and fertilizer.


Technical specifications:

Peak production speed (60" load height) 45 loads per hour
Peak production speed With 2 film layers and 10 revolutions
Maximum load size 1372 L, 1219 W, 2336 H (mm)
Minimum load size 914 L, 914 W, 609 H (mm)
Maximum load weight 1814 kg
Load Handling  
Turntable speed (variable) 15 RPM
Turntable size 886 mm, diameter ring bearing with friction belt
Turntable drive VFD Motor controller
Performance features  
E-Z Thread Roll Carriage Standard
Pallet grip Standard
Intelli-sensor Standard
Standard film width 500 mm (20")
Standard Pre - Stretch 200% (100-300% Available)
Wrap force Electronic control
Film capacity 254 Diameter, 508 Width (mm)
Film delivery system Metered film delivery
Film cut system Reach arm with implused hot wire film cutter
Weight and size  
Approximate shipping weight 2948 kg
Size (includes 5' infeed and exit conveyor) 2921 L, 3886 W (mm)
Service requirements  
Power 3L-PE-400V-50 Hz (No neutral)
Power 480V, 3-ph, 60 Hz, Wye w/Ground
Control PLC with HMI Touch screen
Enclosure NEMA 12 with disconnect and safety lock-out
Pneumatic 85-142 lpm @ 6 Bar, 3-5 cfm @80 Psi
Pneumatic Clean dry air