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Vertical wrappers

Turntable Stretch Wrapping



The Darwin model shift the paradigm of wrapping concept. It is a super solid machine that was completely designed to deal with very special situation in which, a standard mast, cannot fit. Thanks to our patented telescopic mast technology, the machine takes just the room needed to wrap the top of the pallet and nothing more! Strongly driven by our dedicated All Shortcut PCB (AS BOARD) you’ll also the opportunity to completely customize it as you like.


Technical specifications:

Peak production speed Up to 25-35 loads/hr
Maximum wapping height 3000 mm
Maximum load weight 2000kg
Load Handling  
Turntable height 72 mm
Turntable size 1500 mm - diameter
Turntable modes 6 working cycles, 3 working modes
Performance features  
Carriage controller Yes
Auto film cut-off Automatic
Turntable speed controller Yes
Electromagnetic film brake Yes
Standard film width 500 mm (20")
Aut. pallet height detection Yes
Autodiagnostics Yes
Working modes manual, semi-aut., fixed height
Memory for working modes Yes
Weight and size  
Approximate shipping weight 450kg
Size 2805 L, 1500 W, 1381 H (mm)
Service requirements  
Energetic requirements 0,75/1Kw
Dedicated electric service required 230 VAC