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Vertical wrappers

Turnable Stretch Wrapping



The Dali model was designed to address the issue of operator fatigue found with the standard type of semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines. By offering a turntable just 23mm high it makes loading and unloading very easy, and by requiring just a very short ramp for pallet truck use it also saves valuable warehouse space. The all new “hugging” ramp allows access to the turntable from any direction. The Dali features a brand new turntable drive system derived from experience in aeronautics. With a payload of 1200Kg this machine is the brush that will make you the grand master in pallet wrapping. Has two main modes - one remembers a previous function, the second offers table rotation speed, bottom wraps, top wraps, film tension, carriage ascent and descent speed.


Technical specifications:

Peak production speed Up to 25-35 loads/hr
Max. pallet sizing 1200 x 1000 mm
Maximum load wrap height 2500 mm
Maximum load weight 1200kg
Load Handling  
Turntable height 23 mm
Turntable size 1650 mm - diameter
Turntable modes 6 working modes, adjustable speed
Performance features  
Carriage controller Yes
Auto film cut-off Automatic
Turntable speed controller Yes
Electromagnetic film brake Yes
Standard film width 500 mm (20")
Aut. pallet height detection Yes
Safety stop Yes
Weight and size  
Approximate shipping weight 500kg
Size 2828 L, 1650 W, 2582 H (mm)
Service requirements  
Energetic requirements 0,75/1Kw
Dedicated electric service required 230 1PH+N+PE VAC 3PH+N