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Table frame

Table frame



This table frame wraps up the product quickly and is limited by its arch size. Tension range is fully customizable by the mech. adjustor. A-70U is different from the others because its design is inverted. It basically means the strap connection is closer to the machine box. Heating element was used as a reliable sealing method. This system supports the heating blade which provides its effect immediately. Its reliable tensioning system provides the machine technical independence. A-70U is equipped with 8 digits counter and allows proximity cam switch. Table frame has CE standard marking.


Technical specifications:


Power supply 220, 230, 380, 400 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 0.72 kW
Strapping speed 2.5 sec/strap (60 Hz)
Tension range 15~70 kgs (mech. adjustor)
Strap width 9, 12, 15.5 of P.P. strap
Sealing method Heating element
Reel inside diameter 200, 230, 280 mm (speficied)
Reel outside diameter Ø480 mm
Arch size 850W x 600H (mm)
Layout dimensions 1780H x 470W x 1695L (mm)