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String Tying Machine

ADT - 90 - 250
String tying machine

ADT - 90 - 250


A wide range of products, including bouquets of flowers, tubes, reels of cable, laundry textiles and bundles of letters, can be reliably tied up using our professional ADT string-tying machines for elastic string. The machines, which offer top performance and are easy to handle, can also be used for tying up small or particularly delicate products, such as fresh vegetables, quickly and securely. 

The knotting / tying machines are equipped with a start lever in the table top or a foot-operated switch. The tying machines enable the tension-proof tying of any product irrespective of its height. They are particularly suitable for tying electrical cable, wire, tape, tubes, wire rope, fax machine ribbon and similar products.



Technical specification:

Voltage 220 V / 50 Hz
Power 370 W
Machine dimensions 44 x 41 x 57 cm
Speed 1 sec. per tying process
Worktop dimensions 34 x 44 cm
For product dimensions of :  
Product height 0,5 - 7 cm
Product depth 0,5 - 25 cm
Dimensions for coils:  
ID min. 12 cm
OD max. 50 cm