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Program packaging coil

XC 300
Double station for coil packaging

XC 300


XC series coil wrapping machine is mainly applied for various wire products, steel wire, welding wire, cable wire and other coiled objects, to make the product well-protected &sealed, and convenient for transportation. It can well improve work efficiency and save labor cost.


Technical parameters:


Model XC300  
Wrapping type N type W type
Coil OD 600-1200mm 600-1200mm
Coil ID ≥400mm ≥400mm
Coil width ≤300mm ≤300mm
Coil weight ≤300KG ≤500KG
Cutting type Manual cutting Auto cutting
Ring speed Appr.70r/min Appr.80r/min
Packing material knit tape, compound paper tape,stretch film, non-woven fabrics,etc knit tape,compound paper tape,etc
Material width 100-120mm 80-100mm
Material OD 200mm 450mm
Material ID 55mm 55mm
Power output 1.5KW 2.2KW
Power supply AC/380V AC/380V
Air supply (6-8kgf/cm2) Without With
Pushing-out system Optional Optional
Circular labeling system Optional Optional
Synchronous wrapping system Optional Optional
Control type Auto/semi-auto Auto/semi-auto


Basic features:


- Automatic or semi-auto control can be chose according needs.
- N-type or W-type can be chose.
- High antifriction PU adopted for friction wheels; whole casting structure for turning ring.
- The turning ring height is adjustable, to suit for object with different ID and OD.
- Synchronous wrapping system can be equipped for wrappingtwo different material at the same time.
- Different packing material can be used including knit tape, stretch film,non-woven fabrics,plastic tape,compound paper, hessian tape &etc.
- Special tension control system, the tension and overlapping rate of packing material can be adjusted according to needs.
- The supportive rollers and protective rollers can be wrapped by PU according to needs.