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Vertical wrappers

SL-Automatic High Speed
Stretch Wrapping Straddle

SL-Automatic high speed


Reliable and the most efficient machine that is capable of doing up to 110 loads per hour. Two to four mil poly film, 2030 mm wide is automatically applied over the top of load for moisture and dust protection. In-line top sheet dispenser model applies and secures sheet of film over load as it indexes into the wrap zone with no interruption to the wrapping cycle. Mid-wrap top sheet dispenser applies and secures sheet of film over top of load during the wrapping cycle. Load is protected with five-sided coverage.

Conveyor sections

Available in 1500 mm sections and 3000 mm and 3600 mm wrap zone sections. Close-spaced and tight-spaced conveyor rollers. Standard and non-standard pass heights. Includes safety fencing and additional safety photocells mounted on the safety shield.


Technical specifications:

Peak production speed Up to 110 loads per hour (variable speed packages)
Maximum load dimensions 1473 L, 1473 W, 2032 H (mm)
Minimum load dimensions 914 L, 914 W, 610 H (mm)
Maximum load weight Conveyor capacity
Load Handling  
Wrap arm speed (variable) Up to 40 RPM (variable speed packages)
Wrap arm drive VFD Motor control
Performance features  
Pallet grip Standard
Film capacity 254 Diameter, 508 Width (mm)
Film delivery system Metered film delivery (system with EZ thread)
Automation unit - Film clamp Load seeking clamp 4.0
Load guardian Standard
Weight and size  
Approximate weight (without conveyor) 3945 kg
Electrical and service  
Electrical service - EU 3L-PE-400V-50 Hz-Neutral
Electrical service - US 480V- 3-ph, 60 Hz, Wye w/Ground
Enclosure NEMA 12, UL
Control PLC with HMI
Pneumatic 6 Bar, 80 Psi






 SL-Automatic high speed