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Vertical wrappers

Portable Stretch Wrapper



An automatic, mobile robot wrapper - its more than you can wish for. It is simple, effective and sturdy machine that is able to wrap every pallet that needs to be wrapped, anywhere you need it to wrap.

Though conceived as an entry level machine, it has everything a robot wrapper should have. Has high capacity battery and pallet size does not matter - can wrap up to 3000 mm in height without any problems - so no limitation to pallet size whatsoever. It has seamless rotation function around to pallet thanks to the pneumatic roller that keeps distance between the wrapper and the pallet - it also has auto cutoff film option. Each cycle is just perfect.


Technical specifications:

Wrapping performance  
Wrapping With pneumatic roller
Pallet size Any size
Max. wrapping height 3000 mm
Max. product weight Limited by the ground
Program settings 60 programs
Carriage control Yes
Automatic film cutoff Automatic
Mech. film brake Yes
Autodiagnostics Yes
Aut. pallet height detection Yes
Safety carriage brake Yes
Weight and size  
Shipping weight 300 kg
Size 1630 Length, 600 Width, 2505 Height (mm)
Power consumption  
Energetic consumption 1Kw
Power supply 2x 12V Baterries VAC 3PH+N