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Vertical wrappers

Turntable Stretch Wrapping



Curie is born to be an essential and a friendly end user machine. Curie is a perfect bundle of all feature that a strech rwapping machine has to offer with a competitive price. Provided with a 2000mm height pallet wrapping, this machine can store up o 6 programs in its memory including a completely customized cycle thanks to the playback mode. Curie is the core of essentials without compromising on quality.


Technical parameters:

Wrapping performance  
Pallet sizing 1200 x 1000 mm
Max. wrapping height 2000 mm
Max. product weight 1200 kg
Turntable size 75 mm
Turntable width 1500 mm diameter
Modes 6 working cycles
Carriage control Yes
Automatic film cutoff Automatic
Turntable control Yes
Elektromagnetic film brake Yes
Standard film width 500 mm
Aut. pallet height detection Yes
Autodiagnostics Yes
Weight and size  
Shipping weight 260 kg
Size 2508 Length, 1500 Width, 2000 Height (mm)
Energy consumption  
Energetic consumption 0,75/1Kw
Power supply 230 VAC