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Vertical wrappers

Straddle Stretch Wrapping



Realized to keep up with the most challenging wrapping necessities, the Volta was built to perfectly sort any challenge and to last as well!  Strongly driven by our dedicated All Shortcut PCB (AS BOARD), you’ll be able to precisely set each stage of the wrapping cycle. Finally, together with our Power-Pre-Stretch carriage and with an automatic sealing unit, you will save a lot of time, fatigue and… money as well!


Technical specifications:

Peak production speed Up to 25-35 loads/hr
Maximum load wrap height 2500 mm
Maximum load weight 1200kg
Load Handling  
Turntable height 30 mm
Turntable size 1500 mm - diameter
Turntable modes 2 working modes
Performance features  
Carriage controller Yes, two-belt
Auto film cut-off Automatic
Turntable, carriage speed controller Yes
Electromagnetic film brake Yes
Autodiagnostics Yes
Aut. pallet height detection Yes
Safety brake Yes
Mode 1 Program recall (6 options)
Mode 2 Film stretch, top-bottom wraps, carriage lift
Weighting system Yes
Weight and size  
Approximate shipping weight 420kg
Size 2865 L, 1500 W, 2580 H (mm)
Service requirements  
Energetic requirements 0,75/1Kw
Dedicated electric service required 230 VAC