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Table frame

Table frame



The squaring machine has been designed to square a stack of articles with its end and side surfaces perfectly with its top and bottom surface, in order to improve the stack quality of the bundles. Integrated with the existed horizontal conveyor system for transporting a stack of articles into the squaring zone, and also outfeeding to palletizing system, the squaring machine handles the bundles squared-up to alignment of surfaces.

CS4 squaring machine is an innovative design with the all-in-one function of bundle stop, side squarer and rear push paddle, which assures the bundle aligned neatly and located precisely before strapping. CS4 provides high efficiency in the production since it handles the bundles to group uniformly. It ensures the reliable quality of the in-line assemble work by reducing great loading/organizing tasks. With continuing improvement in squaring machine developing, CS4 gives better solutions in bundle stacks as well as enhances the stacking quality.


Technical specifications:


Power supply 110/230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 PH ; 220/230/380/415/440 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 PH
Power consumption 0.65 kW
Conveyor speed 9~50 m/min
Table height 760~1010 mm
Layout dimensions 2156 L x 1340 W x 1687 H (mm)
Machine weight 560 kg