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Table frame

Matrix 88 CS
Table frame

Matrix 88CS


The Matrix 88CS is built with Matrix 88C corrugated strapper combined with the 3-sided squaring station. Integrating with square machine with higher strapping speed, less maintenance and wide productivity with the cost-effective solution, Matrix 88CS is designed specifically to the corrugated industry.

The electrically backstop and side squaring assure the optimized accessibility and service-friendliness, also provide bundle squaring capability. With the integration of in-line strapping and squaring system, the Matrix 88CS can offer the precise bundle control, neater and more stable pallet loads. 


Technical specifications:


Power supply 100/110/200/220/230/240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 PH
Power consumption 1.9 kW
Tension range 2~30 kg (5/6 mm) max, 50 kg (9mm)
Strap width 5~15 mm
Reel inside diameter 200, 230, 280 mm
Conveyor speed 9~55 m/min
Table height 693~1420 mm (adjustable)
Arch size 1650 W x 500 H (mm)