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Orbital wrappers

Neleo 160
Orbital wrapping machines

Neleo 160


Orbital wrapping machine that speeds up the material wrapping. Controls are very intuitive via knife switch. There is even the speed regulation which can be adjusted fluently, machine has two film decoilers. Thanks to the quick and easy replace feature of the film, there is no delay in product wrapping. Adjustable rollers are doing a great job that refers to relieving the worker from hard work. Length of the wrapped material is surely without restrictions. An operator is not too stressed out thanks to the automated cutting the beginning and the end of the film. Two film decoilers allow you to combine the wrapping variations – you can use an ordinary film combined with a special one. This feature is really attactive as it makes your product shine with prestige.


Technical specification:

Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power 1,10 kW
Ring rotation speed 60 rpm
Rel dimensions:  
Thick of film 23 µ
Width 100, 170, 250 mm
Outside diameter 230 mm
Inside diameter 38 mm


 Neleo 160