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Orbital wrappers

Atis 125 Bubble
Orbital wrapping machines

Atis 125 Bubble


Orbital wrapping machine that drastically speeds up the wrapping proces. Orbital machine has an intuitive and easy controls. Speed regulation is also in place as well as two film decoilers. Quick film change feature gives you no delay in the wrapping process. Machine contains transport belt for easy usage. As an add on, you can use a machine with protective film or bubble film – it completely excludes the possibility something can happen with the product later. Atis 125 has a smart press that allows the material to smoothly drive through without getting the material distorted. Length of the wrapped material is not restricted. Automated film cutting has the advantage of a relieved operator who is not too stressed out with working speed.


Technical specification:

Voltage 230, 400 V
Power 1,84 kW
Ring rotation speed 70 rpm
Rel dimensions:  
Thick of film 23 µ
Widht 100, 170, 250 mm
Outside diameter 230 mm 
Inside diameter 38 mm


 Atis 125 Bubble