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Dispensers Paper Adhesive Tape

Vario 555eMA
Electronic gummed tape dispensers

Vario 555eMA


- this brand new electronic gummed tape dispenser offers the operator 14 preset choices from 15- 145cm -    with the push of a button

- within the automatic mode up to 3 lenghts can be saved and dispensed in a row

- additionally tape lengths can be adjusted by special function keys

- large repeat key to dispense last length
- random length key to allow tape to be dispensed at any lenght
- as an option there is a foot pedal for hands free operation available
- the VARIO 555eMA can also be equiped with the HADE CODETAPER ® printing device which
   imprints tape with your custom message or code as the tape is dispensed
- this in-line process improves productivity plus it indentifies merchandise and helps to discourage intransit    pilferage

Technical specification:

Power 220 V / 50Hz
Size 51 x 32 x 30 cm
Weight 15 Kg
Dispensing speed ca. 115 cm/sec
Bottle capacity 1 l
Dimensions for coils:  
Tape width 40 - 80 mm
Max. roll size 250 mm











VARIO555eMA.pdf Vario 555eMA